Referee/Rules Clinic/Seminar Schedule

Referee and Rules Clinics and Seminars

Dates       State   City                     Title/Link                               Clinician               Sanction     Cost        Level

Currently Scheduled Events

 5/6/23   OH   Kettering        Ohio Open Rules Clinic                Michael Takata    USA Judo  $25/$10/Free  All (R/C/P)

Past Events

 5/30/21  Zoom 6:00PM Eastern - L & R Cert.Test Review - Rick Celotto   -              No         Free       L & R
 9/18/21   WI   Beaver Dam     Novice Ref Clinic & Shiai      Katie Sell & Alex Murray                            Novice
 9/25/21   NY   Flushing          Rules Clinic & L/R Ref Test  Saro Balagezyan           USJF     $35        All Levels
10/2/21    FL  Miami 3:00PM     Rules Clinic Participants Photo    Hector Estevez                              Beginner
10/17/21  Zoom 6:00 PM    Part 1 Basic Review of Prohibited Acts  Rick Celotto    No        Free
11/6/21   Zoom 7:00PM Eastern   Novice Ref Clinic Part 1           Russ Scherer             No         Free       Beginner
11/7/21   Zoom 6:00 PM    Part 2 Basic Review of Prohibited Acts  Rick Celotto     No         Free
11/13/21  OH   Springfield    Novice Ref Clinic Part 2 on mat    R. Scherer/D. Smith   USA Judo              Beginner
12/11/21  OH  Kettering    Novice Ref Clinic Part 3 & Cert. Test   R. Scherer/D. Smith  USA Judo   Free    Beginner
 2/5/22   Zoom 11:00AM Eastern - Theoretical Approach 2022 Rules - PJC                   No            Free       All Levels
 2/6/22   Zoom 6:00PM Eastern - RefDojo Master Class Bobby Donaldson            No            Free  
                Click HERE to view presentation
 2/12/22  CA  San Gabriel            New Competition Rules Clinic   Gary Takemoto                     $25        All levels
 3/5/22      MI   Grand Rapids        Competition Rules Clinic   Alex Murray                               Free       All levels/Novice
 3/12/22    FL   Miami               2022-2024 Judo Rules Update   Hector Estevez
 4/10/22    Zoom 6:00PM Eastern - 2022-2024 Rules Update Review  Rick Celotto   N/A         Free       All Levels
 5/15/22  NY  Flushing      Rules Clinic 2022-2024 Updates  Saro Balagezyan         USJF     $40    Refs, Coaches, Comp.
 6/23/22  CA  San Jose    Rules Clinic at National JO's 2022-2024 Updates Gary Berliner  No      Free      All Levels
 7/16/22  OH  Kettering      Novice Rules Clinic and Mini Shiai - Russ Scherer      USA Judo   Free    Beginner/Novice
 7/22/22  FL  Ft. Lauderdale  2022-2024 (12 changes) Rules Seminar (2-5PM)  Gary Berliner       Free     All Levels
10/1/22     MA    Beverly             Rules/Referee Clinic             Alberto Aguedelo                        $15       All Levels
10/8/22      NY   Burnt Hills         Morris Cup Referee Clinic           Gary Berliner     USA Judo   Free          All Levels
10/22/22    OH   Kettering    Rules/Referee Clinic (& Mini Shiai)  Russ Scherer    USA Judo  Free (Shiai $15)  Novice
11/5/22      MI    Grand Rapids   Great Lakes Open Ref Clinic     Alex Murray                            Free             All Levels  
 2/24/23   FL  Pembroke Pines    Rules Clinic & Florida Open  William Rosquet & Hector Estevez   $25  All (R/C/P)
 3/4/23    WI   Milwaukee     Bobby Donaldson Rules Clinic  Bobby Donaldson                     $20   Ref/Coach/Parents (R/C/P)
 3/4/23    VA   Arlington      Novice & Fundamental Referee Clinic  Sharon Landstreet  USJF   $20/30  Novice


National Referee Test and Evaluation Sites

3/12-13 - NCJA Collegiate Nationals, College Station, Texas - Test & Evaluation (N1 and above)
3/19-20 - Youth National Championships, Lansing, Michigan March 19-20 - Evaluation (N2 and above)
4/24  -  Garden State Classic - Test & Evaluation  (N1 and above)
5/14 - Indiana State Champs, Portland, Indiana - Test & Evaluation (N1 and above)
5/21-22 - Senior National Championships, Daytona Beach, Florida May 21-22 - Evaluation (N3 and above)
6/4 - Tohkon Classic, Chicago, IL  -  Test & Evaluation (N1 and above)
6/4   - South Carolina Champs, Charleston, South Carolina - Test & Evaluation (N1 and above)
6/24-26 - Junior Olympic Championships, San Jose, California June 24-26 - Evaluation (N2 and above)
9/11 - 1st North American Judo Championships, Wayne, New Jersey - Test & Evaluation (N1 and above)
10/9  -  Morris Cup, Burnt Hills, New York - Test & Evaluation (N1 and above)
11/19 - Dallas Invitational, Irving, Texas November 19 - Test & Evaluation (N1 and above)
11/20 - National Presidents Cup Championships, Irving, Texas November 20 - Evaluation (N2 and above)
Lone Star Judo Championships, Ft. Worth, TX, February 17-18 - Test & Evaluation
Youth National Championships, Lubbock, Texas March 18-19 - Evaluation (N2 and above)
NCJA Collegiate and High School Nationals, San Jose, CA, April 1-2 - Test & Evaluation
Garden State Championships, Wayne, NJ, April 15-16 - Test & Evaluation
Indiana State Championships, IN, April 29 - Test & Evaluation
Senior National Championships, Spokane, Washington May 20-21 - Evaluation (N3 and above)
Junior Olympic Championships, Shreveport, Louisiana June 16-18 - Evaluation (N2 and aboe)
JF/JA Summer Nationals, Staten Island, NY July 7-9 - Test & Evaluation
US Open, Ft. Lauderdale, FL July 28-30 - Evaluation (N3 and above)
National Presidents Cup Championships, Irving, Texas November 19 - Evaluation (N2 and above)



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