Ref Training Program Introduction

I.   Introduction

A.   Purpose of the Course
Referees are an integral part of the Judo competition scene.  They play an important role as the administrator and facilitator of the contest.  Ideally, they provide an unbiased and safe atmosphere for the contest, assuring the competitors follow the rules of competition and assessing the effectiveness of applied techniques.  The purpose of this course is to provide basic training which will increase the number of referees available to officiate at all levels of Judo competition and improve the quality of each referee’s skill set.  This course is meant to prepare participants for certification testing, which must be done at a real shiai.  Various organizations have similar but somewhat unique testing requirements.  In the U.S., “Local” and “Regional” certification programs have been established by USA Judo, USJA, USJF, many of the Group B (State) members of USA Judo and others.  National level certification is handled by USA Judo and International Levels are in the jurisdiction of the PJC and/or IJF.  Click HERE to see the Ohio Judo, Inc. Referee Certification System – an example of “Local” and “Regional” programs.  Click HERE to see the Michigan program.  Click HERE to see the Indiana program. This course is not meant to replace any of these programs, but was developed to be used as supporting material.

B.   Methods of Instruction
This course will be available in written form with links to pertinent documents, pictures and video examples.  It has been divided into segments (approximately 1 hour each) to optimize retention, as well as aid in your ability to set aside convenient time to complete the course.  When desired, multiple segments can be used sequentially (for example at a full day referee clinic).  It is also planned to provide a complete video version.  It is anticipated that this material will also be presented at “live” clinics with the capability of on-line, interactive participation from remote sites.

C.   Limitations
It must be noted that the IJF/USA Judo Rules and their interpretations change over time as Judo continues to evolve.  We will attempt to modify this course as these changes occur in order to keep the material current.  Clinicians will present this material and try to answer questions to the best of their knowledge and ability; however, the final authority belongs to the issuing organization.  Additionally, Tournament Directors can sometimes modify the rules to better meet the goals of their specific event, as long as these modifications are approved by the sanctioning authority.
Click HERE  to review the IJF Sport and Organization Rules (SOR).  The IJF Refereeing Rules start on page 99 of the SOR (without any U.S. modifications and/or Comments).  [NOTE: The complete IJF Rules are repeated in the following sections of the index (in bold print) along with the standard modifications commonly used in the U.S. plus some special comments and video examples]  
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