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Application for Ohio Judo Inc (OJI) High School Scholar Program (page 1 of 2)


Minimum Requirements:

1)       Must be a resident of Ohio

2)       Must be a full time High School (Grades 9-12) student.  Can be home schooled.

3)       Must be a current member or associate member of Ohio Judo Inc., and must have held such membership for a minimum of 1 full year prior to submitting this application. 

4)       Must be a current member, and have been a member for a minimum of 1 full year prior to submitting this application, of USA Judo, USJA or USJF, including their insurance coverage.

5)        Must have a High School Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least a 3.0 (on a 4 point system).  If a system other than 4 points is used, a normalized point value will be calculated. 

Program Procedures:

1)       This program recognizes academic achievement of members of OJI who attain a High School GPA of 3.0-3.499 (OJI Scholar Judoka) or 3.5-4.0 (OJI High Honors Scholar Judoka).

2)       Students may apply at the end of 9th, 10th, and 11th Grades (prior to July 1st of each year).  These applications must be accompanied by a copy of the student’s transcript (including their cumulative GPA as of the end of the current school year).

3)       Students may also apply prior to May 20th in their Senior year and must include a cumulative high school GPA (including the most recent semester/quarter final grades).

4)       Senior (12th Grade) Applicants who qualify as OJI High Honors Scholar Judoka and will attend either a 4 year or 2 year college to further their education will be ranked according to their normalized GPA (taking into consideration Advanced Placement [AP] classes).   Scholarships will be awarded to the top 5 ranked applicants.

5)       The value of the 2018 scholarships will be $100 and will be awarded June 1st, payable on the first day the recipient attends college.




Application for Ohio Judo Inc (OJI) High School Scholar Program (page 2 of 2)


Name (please print):  _______________________      _______________________     ________
                                             (Last)                                       (First)                         (MI)

Address:   ________________________________     ___________________    ____    _________
                           (#)     (Street)                                       (City)                  (ST)         (Zip)

Home Phone:  _______________________     E-Mail:  _________________________________

High School:  ___________________________________________   Year of Graduation:  _____

Judo Club:  ___________________________________    Instructor:  _____________________

GPA (copy of official transcript attached):  ______ on a ___ point system   As Of (date):  ______

I meet membership requirements listed on page 1:   (yes____)   (no ____)

I certify I meet all requirements of this program and authorize publication of all information contained in this application (with the exception of my specific GPA) by OJI for publicity purposes.

_______________________________    ______________________________   _____________
(Applicant’s Name – please print)                       (Applicant’s Signature)                    (Date)

_______________________________    ______________________________    _____________
(Parent’s Name [Applicants under 18])                (Parent’s Signature)                        (Date)


Applicant Check List [send application and attachments to Russ Scherer, 510 Silvercrest Terrace, Dayton, OH  45440]:

1)        Both pages of this Application

2)       Copy of USA Judo, USJA and/or USJF card(s)

3)       Copy of official high school transcript and cumulative GPA

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