Club Registration

 Form #1.  2019 OJI Club Application
[Allows club (and club members registered with OJI) eligibility to take part in OJI programs, with discounts offered in some of those activities.] 

Send a check for $25 to Ohio Judo. 

Mail the Club Application form and check to:

Russ Scherer, Registration Chair
Ohio Judo, Inc.
510 Silvercrest Terrace
Ohio 45440


Benefits of Club Membership in Ohio Judo, Inc.
1)  Voting to help develop the Judo activities within Ohio and coordination with the surrounding states
2)  Discounts at selective activities run by OJI
3)  Discounts on tournament equipment (mats, scoreboards, PA System, etc.)


 Form #2USA Judo Club Registration Form  
[Club Registration with USA Judo allows sanctioning events, insurance coverage, etc.] 


Form #3.  Background Application

The Background Application has a separate fee and should be mailed (with a check for the fee) to the address on the form, NOT to Ohio Judo.


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